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You Can’t Escape the Addiction

Erotic Addiction is real

Financial domination addiction is real. Mind fuck addiction is real. All avenues of erotic addiction are real. Depending on your particular genre of erotic addiction will ultimately determine how you get relief from it. For the time being, let’s just focus on financial domination and mind fuckery. Simply put,

There is no cure for mind fucking findom addiction.

All you can really do, is feed into it. It is a double edged sword really, a very slippery slope– because in feeding the addiction you could also be GROWING it. With intelligent femdoms it will grow. You will feel satiated for some time after feeding that addiction and allowing your mistress or mistresses to fuck your mind until you feel like a pile of pay pig slop. But, you’ll only feel fulfilled for so long – until that tummy empties and you are once again jonesing for that fix – you need to feed that erotic addiction. You need to feed that little monster inside of you.

Mind Fuckery is not for the faint of heart

A true mind fuck starts with a submissive male that is just seeking to have his mind toyed with…and then he blinks and its several months or even years later and he has no idea how he got there. But his Supreme Femdom does.

We are the Surpreme Femdoms, and just when you think you’ve gone as far as you can go – we create ways to make you go even further. Rules were meant to be broken, lines meant to be crossed. We create the rules and we break them. We re-create your world and what you deem reality, and then we tear it down to start again. It’s all part of the mind fuck game and you are just a player in it – and there is NO escaping.

It’s because you need to feed that erotic addiction. You have this desire to give yourself to your financial dominatrix; your experienced mistress…or mistresses.

The only way to curb your sexual appetite is to feed it. Feed your erotic addiction, hell we offer a buffet for you to have that fill. Fucking your mind and emptying your wallet … is certainly one way to fill your need.

I like that way of thinking – you empty one, to fill another. I wonder what else we can fill, as we empty? I have a few ideas.

We wouldn’t want our submissive pay pigs and mind fuck addicts to go hungry now would we?

Chat soon loves,

Mistress Lillith
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