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You are just a money grubbing bitch

One of the lastest internet warriors that wanted to lay claim to the title of submissive, but once he has discovered that I charge for my services, he started in on a rant. A small rant, because once that comment is made he has from that time I see it to the time I’ve blocked him to get the rest of his statement out.

His rant made me laugh, and I decided it was time to educate the masses a bit. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, and I do move on to more dedicated pets. But, I’ve seen the comment a time or two and it’s comical simply because if they are adding me on skype or yahoo or sending me an email, they got it from a site and KNOW going in that I charge for my time (for phone, texting, and cam)

Grubbing: To search for something in a clumsy and unmethodical manner; rummage.

I  always feel for those that lack the capacity to have a wider vocabulary, however, I do not go ‘grubbing’ for money. I am very pointed, and have a method to my madness.

I am a highly educated, intelligent femdom that has been in the game for almost 10 years (since I was of legal age to actually play properly).

I am precise and I do have expectations. If you cannot meet the minimum of those expectations, you can move on and trust me my dear…I won’t even blink.

This entitled attitude of some online submissives certainly needs to be knocked down a notch. If you don’t want to pay for a session, or you don’t want to have to tribute for services—don’t go seeking a premium dominatrix.

I’ve said this before in my adult radio podcasts – Just because a femdom is a findom and charges for her services doesn’t make her any less amazing, or any less authentic. A chef LOVES to cook and is amazing at it, but if you go into his restaurant he certainly is going to charge you for a meal. Does it make the meal less enticing? Not at all. Chef Hubert has a 5,000 burger that he serves at Fluer in Las Vegas, and at his Burger Bar restaurant he has a burger for $777 – people flock to taste that exotic cuisine and to find out for themselves what is so elite about that burger. There is an ice cream restaurant in Las Vegas as well, that serves a $1,000 sundae. I will admit, I am curious as to what a $1,000 sundae tastes like – perhaps I’ll start a fund that a few current pay pigs can add too for my trip to Vegas this summer 😉

Point is, you wouldn’t go to a restaurant, or your dentist, or your doctor without expecting a bill. Yes, a chef may cook for close family and friends, yes a mistress may have her play partners  that are on a different level. But, It’s not wise to think you would be on that level.

I don’t grub for money. I simply expect it.

If you fail to meet that expectation, you are immediately dismissed without further thought.

So let’s change that ‘Money Grubbing Bitch’ to ‘Entitled Bitch’

I enjoy the finer things in life, I demand the finer things in life.

I know understand the nuances and in’s and out’s of the findom and femdom relationship. I know you get something out of it as well and want some sort of stimulation from handing over that cash for the “ride of your life” – I know how to wrap you around my little finger.  I’m also fucking amazing at everything I do. It’s a gift.

I’m going to charge for my time. Be it online phone domination or in person. If you are looking for ‘cheap’ or ‘free’—I’m not going to be the Goddess for you. Don’t worry about me though, there are 10 submissives for every bad apple submissive. 😉

So yes, I am entitled. I have earned that entitlement, I deserve that entitlement…and yes I am a bitch.

Sometimes sensual other times more demanding, but a bitch nonetheless and I wear that title proudly!

Chat with you soon pay pigs and stroker sluts ~
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