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Why Spend Mine, When I can Spend Yours

There seems to be this notion that a financial dominatrix wants the money because she is broke. On the contrary my dear. While there may be some out there that beg and plead – I don’t beg, I don’t plead. I hold out my hand and you either add to it or walk away.

I’m experienced, I’m educated and I make my own money. My own money beyond yours. Many elite dommes do.

We don’t NEED you to survive. We would still be here even if you were not. We are self-reliant, we are self-sustainable – we are among the most powerful group of women you will ever find. We don’t need you.


Your money does spend so much better. The fact that you give it to a financial dominatrix because she wants it. You give it to her because she told you to. You give it to her because she demanded it.

How hard did you have to work for the $1000 in cash you just placed into her hand? How many hours did you put in at the office? How often will you be required to fulfill those monetary demands? How often can you handle it?

I don’t HAVE to spend my own, because I have yours to spend. A proper pay pig would always have his money spent on his Goddess rather than her have to spend her own. A proper pay pig adores a self-reliant goddess that has the means on her own – but never wants her to do anything without her. A proper submissive pay pig gives without question and without hesitation.

When I see things purchased off my wishlist when I see drive by tributes for no other reason that ot make me smile – just know I am grinning ear to ear.

There is a sweet satisfaction to spending someone else’s money. Don’t worry my dear little pay pig…I know just how to spend your money.

Why spend mine-When I can spend yours —

Mistress Lillith
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