Financial Domination

What Women Really Want: Your Money

Skip the fucking flowers and nasty ass chocolate.

Don’t pretend for a moment that you are worth anything more than what is in your wallet. While flowers and high-end chocolates are nice – an entitled bitch like me wants the plastic with a high limit and a wad of cash to rub all over my body.

While some find it repulsive that I demand the amounts that I do, at least I’m honest about it. I don’t hide and pretend it’s something it’s not. Am I a gold digger? Well, I won’t fuck you to get what I want. I simply put my hand out and you fill it with the cash in your pocket. Once the green is gone – so am I. once the plastic has hit its limit, so has my attention span for you. Perhaps that makes me a gold digger perhaps not. I absolutely am an entitled bitch…and I absolutely am worth every dollar given to me.

I want your undivided attention. I want your full devotion. I want to squeeze every last dollar sign out of you. I want you to be so wrapped around my fingertips you look for getting a second job just to appease me. So entranced by my words that you sell off your valuables to add value to my life.

Let’s skip the idle chit chat – you have what I want…and it is clearly in your pocket. I have what you want…the innate ability to manipulate and control more than just your cock. An experienced and intelligent femdom that has earned her right to the entitlement.

Your job is to give me what I want. It is as simple as that.

Mistress Lillith
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