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Want to sleep with your Findomme?

Sure, you can sleep with your Findom

You would simply adore the ability to get close to your elite findomme. You want the feel her breathing on the nape of your neck, you want to be able to glide your fingertips on her creamy soft skin. You want to run your hands down her long nylon clad legs and just be permitted the opportunity to worship your Goddess in her entirety.

Sleep next to one of your favorite elite dommes would be a dream come true.

But… a dream nonetheless. Do you think a little pay pig like you would actually be able to get that close? Do you think you would ever be afforded the chance to sleep next to your findom? Sleep next to the one you crave? Sleep next to the one that owns your mind, body, soul, wallet AND cock.

However, there is a way that you could get that feeling. There is a way you could get as close as you possibly could to sleeping with your findom, to having a very intimate time with your findom.

Of course this type of privilege will come at a pretty high cost. But, with an intelligent femdom why wouldn’t you want to give her everything? This is after all, assuming that you have had a connection with her. This is assuming that you have had a connection…with me.

So how do you accomplish this once in a lifetime dream?

It is simple.

1)Load up your account, prepare yourself accordingly, then call and offer yourself up to your femdom fetishist.

2) You will soon begin to fall into a hypnotic-like state and will come to a state of pure relaxation – and you will begin to drift into slumber land.

3) Let sleep take hold…and as you do my voice will begin to trail off as I too lay down for the night…of course, I won’t be disconnecting the phone – while you sleep with Mistress Lillith…your account will be drained. It will go until it is cut off.

High price to pay for luxury, and I am worth every dollar.

Mistress Lillith
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