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Slow and Relaxing Financial Ruin

Mind Fuckery and Financial RuinKnowing all the right words to say, all the right buttons to press – I will have you wrapped around my perfect little finger.

Bending to my every desire. Fulfilling every requirement and task given to you. While erotic financial ruin is inevitable, you will be on cloud nine – not even realizing just how close you are to it, not even taking notice of just how much it may be hurting.

Perhaps it’s a case of ‘hurting so good’

That is what happens when you become my next victim of mind fuckery, cock control and wallet domination—and you will. You begin to crave the attention from your intelligent femdom, you begin to ache when I’m not around – yearning to hear the words, yearning to find new buttons to push, yearning for your brain to become pure mush at my hands.

You can just sit back and let your entitled goddess take the reigns for a bit. Don’t worry, as you fall into a hypnotic like state, you will be molded the way I want you and recreated into the submissive mind fuck pet that you will ultimately become.

Have you ever felt so relaxed, while being completely ruined?

Like a band-aid I’m not going to just rip it off quickly to ‘get it over with’. I like the slow pull. I like watching you spiral down. You are not really spiraling out of control, rather you are spiraling into what I want you to become.

I like to let it trickle out, a slow pain, one that is unnoticeable until you wake up one day and realize what is happening to you. By then it’s too late, you are too far gone…and there is no turning back.

You may have thoughts of wanting to break free from the chains of your mistress – but it is not that simple, and it will not happen. Because your happiness is through your elite goddess, your sense of freedom only comes by being enslaved to your dominant diva.

The fun doesn’t stop there – one day not only will that mind, cock and wallet be controlled by one entitled Goddess…there is a high possibility that you will serve two – imagine what will happen to that puddle of a brain you then!

It’s time to lie back and accept your fate my little pet. Don’t delay the inevitable – let me ruin you in ways you never though possible. Mind fuckery and wallet domination at it’s finest.


Play with you soon,

Mistress Lillith

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