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Size ALWAYS Matters

The phrase “size doesn’t matter” is a fucking bold face lie. Size ALWAYS matters.

For men it is the size of boobs, the size of asses, the size of stomachs, the size of clits. There is always a preference. Yes, many – if not most can see PAST sizes – but the fact remains – they do have a preference and size does matter.

I am a size queen.

Cock size absolutely matters. For cock sizes, I expect the full trifecta. It needs to be a perfect size, length, and girth. You also need to know how to use it. Those things are important to keep a sexual minx like me happy.

I am also a findom size queen

The size of your wallet matters. The size of the limit of your credit card matters. The size of your bank account matters.

Yes, I am all too aware that I am an Entitled Bitch, I do have expectations. As a findom, I drain your wallet and account to my satisfaction.

A nice fat cock with the moves will push me over the edge, but the nice fat wallet is what warms me up and makes me wet.

Hell, the more you spend, the harder your cock becomes … I have needs that are to be fulfilled and you will fulfill them for me. Show me your size…the size of your wallet.

Size always matters – do you measure up?

Mistress Lillith
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