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Professional Women ~vs~Femdom

Professional Women ~vs~ SupremeFemdoms

Professional Women In The Workplace
You Are Surrounded By Intelligent Professional Women

Ms Lillith and I consider ourselves to be very ambitious, cunning professional women.  Besides being Supreme Femdoms, we are also intelligent professional women.   We could be that sexy, ambitious, intellectual colleague that is working right along side of you.

There is something inherently sexual and  tempting about a woman that is dressed in silk stockings and high heels.  These professional women exude an air of unabashed confidence. These types of professional women come prepared to use all of their assets to gain control in the work place.

They have a certain sexual allure about them that draws the attention of their male coworkers.  These professional women are like Femme Fatales.  They are  stunning, cunning, witty and at times very dangerous.

She plays hard ball better than the top executives. She can accomplish anything she sets her sights on without ever having to lift a perfectly manicured nail.

To look into the eyes of this powerful woman, is to become her prey, but that is not how it starts. Is it?

The Professional Women Or A Femme Fatale?

Professional women of power need to exert very little force or effort in capturing their newest prey. Men are weak to the extraordinary sex appeal that professional women naturally exude.

The hapless male  starts off by becoming captivated with the silk stockings that cover her spectacular, long, toned, sexy legs. Legs that lead to the depths of her pleasure palace; the place where his lurid fantasies flourish.

The click of her high heels as she approaches him the first time sends shivers of anxiety through the core of his very being.  Surprisingly he is shocked by the soft, seductive whisper of her voice.   She is like a siren in the night, speaking to his soul.

“Don’t stare at her ass he pleads with himself,” but fails as she leans over her desk to gather some files. No man can  resist the sexual desire that she draws out of them, nor do they ever have a chance to.

Everyone likes to think that temptation cannot happen to them, but they are wrong. Temptation is there everyday. Working in the office next to you, or eating lunch across from you at your favorite outdoor cafe. There is nothing special about the timing or the environment, except that it happens when you least expect it.

Whether a Femme Fatale, Professional Woman, or Intelligent Femdoms……it’s all the same.  These women will own and manipulate the core of your very being.

Controlled By Professional Women

Those professional women may appear to be  sweet and innocent as they flash you a smile as they pass you in the hall.  Beware!  They are cold and  calculating and have pay close attention to detail.  They know all of your faults and weakness. There are no mistakes in their intentions of controlling the powerful men around her.

Men are primal creatures.  When they let down their guard and become comfortable, their defense against their primal nature is at it’s lowest. They naturally become weak to the sexual images and strong, confident controlling women.

The occasional glimpse of the lace at the top of stockings has him functioning on a base male level.  Every powerful, professional woman knows just how to use this weakness to her own advantage. This is what makes her as dangerous as she is beautiful and captivating.

Controlled By Your Lover

It all goes back to a man’s underlying desire to be controlled by his lover. He is drawn to the type of women that he can envision  himself submitting his will to.

The exhilarating feelings of being controlled overcome him. He feels the professional woman seducing him and taking him for her own prey. Rarely does he realize that this is only the beginning of his introduction to the wonderful world of Femdom.

Until later darling subbies,
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Ms Isabelle

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