2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thank you Mistress Isabelle for mindfucking me so good tonight . You know how to use me and keep me on edge mentally . i know you will be reading this and making sure that i let anyone reading this know that i am being forced by you to be your ( pop) pimped out puppet on Niteflirt .

    If having a sexy , intellegent , sane , hypnotic , wildly creative mindfucking woman get in your head is your thing then Mistress Isabella is who you need to open up to and submit

    1. I think I should read my blog comments on a regular basis from now on! Shame on me for missing your comment POP! I always give you a good mindfucking and leave your wallet drained and your mind spent. So much fun you are my little puppet! And of course you’re working on Niteflirt….I take everything you make so now you have no choice but to work to feed your addictions. I do adore you my little pimped out puppet. Until this weekend….Ms Issy

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