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Forced Intox With a Twist of Wallet Rape

Time For Some Forced Intox!

Poppers and Forced Intox
Time For Forced Intox Fun

What’s wrong?  Can’t hold you liquor?  I’ve been drinking just as much as you.  Shot for shot, drink for drink.  You’re slurring your words, stumbling around and I’m sober.  Oh, that might be because my shots and drinks have been full of water, you stupid loser!  This forced intox game is so much fun!

I wanted you to lose control – and I love that I’m the cause of it.  You were so quick to agree to my bet and play my little forced intox game.  I can’t believe you didn’t catch on to why you were the only one naked and drunk.

I told you that if I got drunk enough, you’d have no problem getting in my pants.  Did you really think I’d put myself in a position to be taken advantage of by someone like you.  Oh, no, you dumb bastard! I am an entitled bitch the only one who’s going to be taken advantage of here is you.  I should introduce you to poppers too and really fuck you up good!

Forced Intox Cock Sucking

Oh…ohh..are you going to pass out there tough guy?  You’d better hold out as long as you can, because once you’re out cold, I’m inviting my boyfriend over.  We’re going to take some pictures of you – sucking on his big, black cock!  And then a picture of his cock right at the entrance to your ass.  No, he’s not going to fuck you – he’s not gay!

But those pictures, oh, I’ll hold on to them.  No one’s going to believe that you weren’t sucking on a cock or being ass raped by one. No is going to believe you were coerced into a game of forced intox.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  And then the real rape – the wallet rape will begin.  IF a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder how many thousands of dollars those pictures will be worth?

Later Pets,

Ms Isabelle


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