Femdom Financial Domination findom training

Drained by the Elite Dominant Duo

You have heard our podcasts. You know how deviant we can be as we get into your mind and turn it into our own playground of perfection.

We can send shivers down your spine and make the little hairs on the nape of your neck stand on edge. But, that isn’t the only thing standing at attention.

That cock twitches with every word we speak, with every interaction we have, all the while you are listening, engage, responding accordingly.

We like to watch you squirm. If you have sessioned with one or the other, you know of our innate ability to get into your mind and blur the lines between fantasy and reality. You know the power we have over you. You have felt your soul being shaken to the core and you crave it. You have become a control addict. You give us the control, you give us the erotic blackmail to hold over your head.

And when we are done bouncing you back and forth – we will bring you to a whole new level of intensity. You will be serving the both of us while we continue to drain your wallet and make it scream.

It won’t be the only screaming, you will be moaning. You won’t know if you are cumming or going.

You may have moments that the intensity is simply too much, but you can trust that we can generally sense those moments and will either continue to apply that pressure or may lighten up.

One thing is for sure, we have many subs that have played, and many recordings added to the addiction bank for safe keeping with some erotic blackmail with our playmates. If you are a good boy perhaps you will get to listen as we drain one together.

If you are an even better boy…you will hook up with the both of us…and experience being financially ruined by an elite dominate due.

How to set it up double duo findom session ~

  1. Send a tribute to one or both of our accounts for the time and consideration of your request. Let us know how long of a session you would like and the date and time in eastern. (be prepared to spend $50 per Findom for 10 minutes or $100 per 30-40 minute blocks – the rates can go up but they will never go down, even if you are NOT looking for financial domination.
  2. Add Miss Lillith on skype: mistress.lillith for the details on how to connect accordingly (this isn’t  a cam to cam skype session this is just for verification and setting up the call with any extra details that we may need)

You must follow the rules above and then you will be connected with the both of us…

Then be prepared for the experience of a lifetime with your intelligent femdoms.
Mistress Lillith
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