The Lustful Lillith

Lustful Lillith Entitled BitchI’ve always known my dominant side, ever since I was a little girl. The exquisite taste of female domination and power has only grown stronger and stronger. I have a strong desire to bring all men to realize their submissive sides and get in touch with their true submissive nature.

I recognize and embrace all the different facets of female domination and male submission. I realize that there is no such thing as a one size fits all fantasy.

It’s a talent, it’s a gift – to be able to serve underneath an elite fem dom like me.  You will scour all over the internet, all over the world for that connection with an intelligent domme that makes you weak in the knees. That forces you to reveal all of your deepest secrets and desires, and subsequently…forces you to hand over your wallet for her taking.

Financial domination is one of the many facets of domination that I adore. After all, I am spoiled, I am entitled…I deserve it. Above all, if you want to be allowed to consider yourself my pet, you will give it to me.

I am after the whole package—I want your mind, body, soul AND your wallet. I believe in a constant draining of your assets—I won’t ruin you all in one shot. The constant draining is what keeps me entertained—and this is after all, about me, and what I want. I want you to keep crawling back for more, begging to be financially rinsed again and again. If I were to ruin you all at once, then you would just be tossed into the pile of worthless scum. This way I get to be a financial succubus. Not only will I be sucking out and depleting your life source…but I’ll be draining your accounts as well.

You will be wrapped around my perfect finger. You are my puppet, I am the puppet master. I want to toy with you. Make you my prey.

Yes I am spoiled. Yes, I demand to be pampered and showered will material things. Yes, I am an entitled bitch…and yes, you will love me for it.


1 thought on “The Lustful Lillith”

  1. Miss Lillith is very good at getting in a addicts weak head and rumaging around to find every button she can find to push . She will slowly reprogram those buttons to her liking . She will rewire you completly and you will love her for it . Before you know it this controlling , strong willed , sexy , manipulating woman is playing you like a puppet .
    In my case a pimped out puppet

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