The Intoxicating Isabelle

IMG_1583 (1)As I embraced my power as one of the elite Femme Fatale’s, I realized that I deserved to be more than the most sought after woman.  I was destined to be a ruler among the men that followed me.  I was to be worshiped and   those that wanted to serve me would pay heavily in many ways.  The emotional and physical payment seems like  penance enough for most, but this would never be true for a woman such as me. Why you ask?  Because besides being a Femme Fatale, I am an Entitled Bitch.


I control and manipulate my slave into becoming the perfect puppet, willing to do whatever it takes to please me. Of  course, they never really know what they are getting into once they decide to play a domination phone sex game with  an elite Femme Fatale phone sex Mistress.

I suppose one of my favorite ways to emasculate a male slave is through the use of financial domination.  There is  nothing quite like the feeling of financial assassination of a normally powerful businessman.  The taste of his defeat is  sweeter than any nectar I could ever imagine as I slowly systematically drain him of his wealth, the one thing that he  was able to define himself with.

The true bred money pig knows that he may only achieve happiness through the acts of financial tribute to his perfect  Femme Fatale and to be bankrupt at her fingertips would be sheer and utter bliss.

A money slave is not just willing to  support his greedy money mistress, but finds sexual arousal and satisfaction in financially serving his perfect  Mistress.  I could never explain the joy I feel watching my money pig wallow in debt after exhausting all his resources  on pleasing me.

I am currently accepting brand new financial domination phone sex slaves for a short time, so if you have ever  wondered if you had just what it would take to ‘tango’ with a lethal Femme Fatale then you should give it a shot and see  just how long you can last.  You better come prepared since I offer an experience that you will not soon forget or recover from.    After all, I am an Entitled Bitch!

Ciao oxox

1 thought on “The Intoxicating Isabelle”

  1. pay to play . Mistress Isabelle is a giver . The more needy you are the more of a mindfuck she will give you . If you are in need of verbal displine and humiliation with a creative , no limits addict trainer then she will give you that also . She will give you that zombie entranced feeling of helplessness and drifting with no control that some addicts crave . Her and Mistress Lillith have created a amusement park of mindfucking entertainment for us internet and phone addicts out there .i am her pimped out puppet in training .

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