About Us

We are the dynamic duo that you’ve been scouring the World Wide Web for. We are the seemingly mythical and elusive fin dom sirens luring you in with our sultry voices and abilities to turn your world completely upside down.

You are here, because you are a man that understands the demands of a financial dominatrix and are willing to fulfill those desires set by your mistress. We are here, because we understand what makes you tick and know how to really push those buttons.

It takes a highly intelligent and well educated woman with a specific set of skills to understand the heart of a financial servant, and luckily for you…you’ve found TWO.

Try not to find yourself too incredibly intimidating, we’ll guide your hand, your wallet and your desires – we’ll take good care of you ~ just so long as you are prepared to take great care of us.

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More about the Lustful Lillith

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